Hi I’m Tina and I know a lot about loss and grief. I have…

  • Lost my father in 1998
  • Miscarried in 1998
  • Lost money in a large investment in 2005
  • Had a marriage breakdown in 2010
  • Dissolved a family business in 2010
  • Lost my mother in 2013

All these events came with their own versions of grief, anger and regret.

On my journey to find answers, I discovered a profound amazing process, called the Demartini Method®. It was like being hit with a bolt of lightning. My heart just opened up and everything was let go.

I had this inexplicable moment of realisation that nothing was ever missing. I discovered that the events of my life had a deeper meaning and that has led me to see how my life has transformed with each event.

And now I incorporate this into my service to help others to do the same. I want other people to feel how wonderful I feel and allow them to experience the tools that I use on a daily basis to remain in a space of contentment.

I know the transformation and the freedom they can create.

My experience of grief before and after learning the Demartini Method®

When I lost my father, I didn’t have the Demartini Method® to draw on. On hearing the news (even though he had been sick and his death was a possibility) I was shocked at my response… I collapsed to the ground, I was weak, I went to bed and curled up and cried for a very long time.

For the next year I would spontaneously cry throughout the day. I kept seeing images of him around. I had regrets about not being able to say goodbye. I had sadness about not having such a fulfilling relationship with him.

All this grief, led me to having a miscarriage.  It took me over a year to feel “normal” again.

When my mother passed, I was fortunate enough to have already discovered the Demartini Method® and I was able to use it immediately.  The difference in my grief was incomparable;  I was able to find the deeper meaning to her passing and support my siblings through the process.  I was able to remember her without the pain and debilitating sadness.

It didn’t mean I didn’t care, it didn’t mean I didn’t love her any less, but I had a tool that allowed me to cope. Allowed me to grieve without it being all-encompassing. It allowed me to have a clear head to be able to make all the necessary arrangements that had to be done. It allowed me to return to my life afterwards with beautiful memories of my mother.

If you’ve had enough of your grief and are ready to move on with life, I’d love to help you.

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Slider-3-Tina BakallaAfter extensive education through the Demartini Institute, Tina discovered her drive and passion for teaching these universal principles to clients. She believes emotional charges are simply gifts in strange wrapping and this method reveals the gifts which bring us closer to our true selves.

If you want to reap the benefits of dissolving guilt, anger, frustration, negativity, self-doubt caused by grief or loss, Tina will help you.

“I thrive on helping people to experience the amazing changes this method provides involving the breakthroughs in the way we live life, accept life events and interact with others. My clients learn to connect with their life purpose, resolve personal conflicts, recover from grief, manage their health and well-being and clarify their goals and objectives”.


Thank you so much for yesterday! :-) I really do feel something has shifted! Really excited!
(Jo – Sydney)

Thank you again for the breakthrough session. When I got up and moved around I felt tingly all over and a bit jittery for awhile and also like I had more and lighter energy – abit hard to explain but for sure some things shifted and shuffled. I feel really good and have never experienced after effects of a bodily nature before so you certainly moved something. Thank you with much gratitude and love.
(Ambika- Adelaide)

‘Tina guided me working through the many feelings that come up in the cycle of grieving. I felt more at peace and accepting; not to forget but ready to move forward. Such freedom and release after only the first session”

(Mandy E Glenbrook)


Ready to let go and get more clarity ?


Thank You!

Until you understand specifically what you truly value most, what truly inspires you, who you truly are, and what your true purpose is, a completely inspired, fulfilling life will elude you.