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Tina3Appointments with Tina are conducted via Skype or phone or face to face in our offices.

Sessions are tailored to you. We often find that clients get a substantial break-through and lightness after just one session, but a series of 6 delivers deeper, more permanent transformation.

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Thank you so much for yesterday! 🙂 I really do feel something has shifted! Really excited!
(Jo – Sydney)

Thank you again for the breakthrough session. When I got up and moved around I felt tingly all over and a bit jittery for awhile and also like I had more and lighter energy – abit hard to explain but for sure some things shifted and shuffled. I feel really good and have never experienced after effects of a bodily nature before so you certainly moved something. Thank you with much gratitude and love.
(Ambika- Adelaide)

‘Tina guided me working through the many feelings that come up in the cycle of grieving. I felt more at peace and accepting; not to forget but ready to move forward. Such freedom and release after only the first session”

(Mandy E Glenbrook)

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Are you struggling with life’s challenges.Are things getting you down and you can’t find the answers?Are your ready to seek help and begin life again?Here’s how:I use a combined process that helps to release your emotion. It brings balance to your emotional challenges, grief and suffering. It gets you to see your way forward by releasing old emotional patterns that were stuck in your memory.You will be guided through a process allowing you to leave behind the struggles. The energy around you will shift and you will leave the session with a deeper sense of “knowing”.You will feel light as if a whole weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You will feel a sense of knowing that your life can move forward and the challenges are no longer there.

Thank You!

Until you understand specifically what you truly value most, what truly inspires you, who you truly are, and what your true purpose is, a completely inspired, fulfilling life will elude you.